Wimbledon ticket winners

A very disappointing number of members ‘opted in’ to the draw this year, only 35% of the membership who were eligible. This reflects in our lowest ever ticket allocation 

The following members did opt in thus were the only members eligible for the ballot;-

Christine Ashdown, Ruth Laws, Eleanor Austin, Peta Levantis, James Austin, Connor Lewis, Anthony Bass, John Bitten, Angela Brooks, Paul Loft, Alexander Loft, Hector Loft, Zadie Loft, John Christie, Sally Collison, Dominic Lovedale, Jonathan Davies, Deirdre Davies, Phillip Pailes, Alison Peacock, Tim Dearing, Richard Poole, Stephen Dunn, Harry Dunn, Elizabeth Pratt, Kevin Robertson, Robert Dyball, Angela Robotham, Julia Dyball, Caroline Schenk, Julia Eeles, Nathan Sims, Reg Eldridge, Janice Sparkes, Philip Sparkes, Rebecca Fletcher, Simon Gilles, Josephine Stark, Roy Goodacre, Rachel Sumerling, Ray Gough, Phil Harding, IsaacTanna, Pippa Harvey, Anne Helliwell, Lila Tanna, Casper Tanna, Raj Tanna, Bridgid Hughes, Roland Thomas, Joann Hughes, Verity Trollope, Roy Hunter, Gilly Vansittart, David Hurren, Simon Hurren, Marcel Walker, Eleanor Wallis, Vivien Hutchin, Patricia Ward, Matthew Jewers, Richard Wild

The lucky winners are:

  • Eleanor Austin
  • Peta Levantis
  • Harry Dunn
  • Julia Eeles
  • Elizabeth Pratt
  • Josephine Stark
  • Matt Jewers
  • Ray Gough
  • Joann Hughes

More information about Wimbledon visit http://www.wimbledon.com/index.html

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